Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Shoes

I'm due for a new pair of flats after my last pair were ruined on that weekend in December when it wouldn't stop raining. After drinking too much wine at the Rose Street Christmas Party I walked through puddles with gay abandon and they just didn't recover. As I was staying over at my sister's house I had to buy a pair of shoes at Coles the next day after waking up to find them with pools of muddy water inside. I had originally got the shoes back in February after I went to the MixTape party and wore a pair of very lovely vintage shoes that were not designed for walking long distances, like across the road. My feet were thankful for late night shopping that Friday night.

These little red shoes would be an ideal replacement although I'm not sure I would be too keen to wear the white lace socks. I've been making little artworks, either screenprints or applique and taking them along to Rose Street and other markets I've been doing. It seems the shoes are quite popular so hopefully I can organise myself to get them up on my Etsy shop.

Speaking of Etsy shops, the new Able and Game one is up for all your Valentine's Day card needs. The Etsy shop is only going to be temporary, we will be opening a webstore on the website after Valentine's Day.