Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Welcome back to 2009 and hello summer with another 37 degree day. I've been busy the last month doing the usual relaxing and getting my mind around Valentine's Day. Gareth and I have been working on websites and processes and hope to have everything running smoothly come February so everything else has fallen by the wayside.

Gareth and I had a lovely new years at Bridget's house. A few of the shots above are of her very lovely house overlooking the Yarra where we could see the fireworks at midnight. We spent the night playing games, drinking an assortment of drinks and eating curry and then went out to Brighton for fish and chips the next day. I also got to spend a few days down at Lakes Entrance and despite talking about sharks quite a bit before the trip my only encounter of a triangle in the water was dolphins swimming close by while taking a dip. I've not been on our boat for a holiday in about 4 years so it was nice to spend some time away from Melbourne. It is where we spent all childhood holidays and we had some close encounters with sharks and snakes however this time the wine was the only thing causing any grief, oh and the Cointreau.

I'm back in business this week with Rose Street on Saturday. Hopefully it isn't a plus 35 day, although after a month away I think I might be feeling a little rusty when it comes to setting up. I'm going to have some new screenprinted artworks available, I've finished one and hope to get another made in the next few days, hopefully I can get it all done and still go to the cricket on Friday.


Vegan and Vintage said...

Yay! I've missed you! Thats such a pretty photo of you and G on the couch.

See ya sat.

Stacey said...

Happy new year!
I was going to say what a nice photo it was of you two, but I was beaten to it.
Glad you had a nice time at Lakes Entrance. Its the quintessential summer holiday spot, isn't it?

Chrisy said...

happy new year and hope it a great one for you and urs....

umbrellabella said...

Hope you have another great year Anna!