Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is what I do when my train has been cancelled and I have to wait another 20 minutes for another one in the wind. One long tube of interfacing and a camera created about 5 minutes of fun and some odd looks from people.

A few people asked about the chiffon clutches that I've been making and if they would be available before Christmas. I have a yellow one over at Dawanda and will be putting more up over the next few months. Also, if Australian buyers are a bit put off by the US dollar making our bucks have no bang I suggest heading over to Madeit or Dawanda if you are wanting to make any purchases.


Bridget Farmer said...

the photos are cool, i did this with a loo roll tube, but yours turn out better, (I think i'd had a few glasses of wine when i took mine!)

Stacey said...

I thought it was some fancy photoshop effect!

Emma said...

Bah, don't you love Connex?

On the other hand, I DO love your photos!