Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Took me long enough... come up with a name. When in doubt go with something French and Rachael's suggestion of Matisse really did get the ball rolling and thank you for all the other great suggestions as well.

Now I have to get back to work getting products ready for the Balmain Art and Craft Show in Sydney. It will be held at Father John Therry School, Eaton Street, Balmain on Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th of November from 10am - 4pm. I will be sending up a range of products including items from the new range, so if you're in Sydney it sounds like a great event. I just wish I could be there!


R. said...

Yay I helped! And hopefully I can get over to Balmain to check out all the goodies in the fabric-flesh too :)


art4friends said...

ohhh excitement!
something I will have to pencil into the diary!!
the new range (and name!) look amazing!

Danielle said...

The name is perfect - really suits your new range!

Sherrin said...

the name's great, and I love your prints- works well in badge for too. :o)

Suzy said...

I saw your badges at Balmain last weekend - they looked fabulous!