Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Good Light

Despite it being sunny outside I have found it really hard to get good light for photographs in the last few weeks. It seems when it is really overcast but not dark overcast I get the best pictures and today was one of those days so I tried to take advantage and get some good photographs. I took some photographs with a doily, this one above is with a little badge, a doily and some red tulle.

I did some screenprinting with a new stencil as well today. I got some Speedball screen drawing fluid and filler and have been using that the last week or so. It means I have permanent screens so the laundry is going to fill up pretty fast. This one below is a really simple brush stroke that I printed in blue on white canvas. I am thinking of printing it in a few colours on top of each other, most likely starting with red, blue and yellow. I've put some more pictures over on Flickr.


Debbie Gootter said...

Love the - screenprinting the color is amazing- thanks again for letting me interview you for my blog!

Ruby-Jo said...

I hate having to rely on Melbourne weather to take good photos. I have recently made myself a lightbox that I take out into the sun to diffuse the sunlight on sunny days. It kind of works like the clouds do.

Emma said...

Ah I too hate waiting for the right light to take photos! At least now with daylight savings and summer approaching I will actually be home and not at work when there is some kind of light!

I had actually been admiring your lovely photos in recents posts - they look great! I was going to ask you what lighting you used!