Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I've never been much of a chiffon fabric fan. You can iron it and it seems to twist and go a little crazy when you work with it. I got some a month or so back in a print that I really liked with no intention of using it on anything except maybe some clothing for myself (which I wasn't going to make - I was going to pass that challenge onto my Mum). I ended up using some of it on a clutch and I had been playing around with thicker fabrics in sort of similar way and realised the chiffon would work much better. Now I am a bit of a convert.

This yellow clutch is part of the new range I'm making at the moment and I think I prefer the shape around the chiffon rather than it all out on its own. I'm also trying to come up with a name for the range, everything I think of sounds a little wanky or doesn't describe it very well. Over the last week it has evolved a little as it was just meant to be red, grey, olive green and brown, but yellow is creeping in becoming the main player which is good as yellow is one of my favourites for bags.


Amanda said...

Ok, so the dictionary def of Chiffon is:

1. a sheer fabric of silk, nylon, or rayon in plain weave.
2. any women's dress ornament, as ribbon or lace.
3. (of dresses, scarves, etc.) resembling or made of chiffon.
4. (in cooking) having a light, frothy texture, as certain pies and cakes containing beaten egg white.

So, my bag name suggestions would be using the words sheer, light, frothy. Not sure what but that's usually how I name things.

I love the look of the clutch by the way.

Oh, and I'm going for Kato : )

Tunet Jordaan said...

I would suggest...

Mustard, sunshine and dandylion.

katiecrackernuts said...

What about "Sunny Side Up"?

Hayley Lau said...

Wow I love this. It's so light and breezy and unique and simple.

I might buy one when it comes out!

Stacey said...

I think this new purse looks really lovely. The pleating is gorgeous and the colour is very pretty. Yellow is so hard to wear, so its great to be able to have it in a bag instead.

R. said...

That's such a cute purse. It reminds me of fluttering curtains in a retro-styled household. I might have to buy one too!

Keeping in mind Amanda's aforementioned definition, perhaps you could call it the Meringue purse?


Anna Laura said...

Thanks for all the name ideas. I'm trying to come up with a name for the entire range, not just the purse. One off names are not too hard, but coming up with a name that describes everything when you're having a bit of a change of style half way through designing a range is hard yak!

Penny said...

Really lovely Anna! Maybe you will have to take a photo of everything you've made so far?

greenolive said...

mellow yellow?

mizu designs said...

I'm not much of a clutch kind of girl but that little number you've created is just gorgeous!

.girl ferment. said...

worth persevering with it. this looks great and very professional.

Kelly said...

Wow that is SO beautiful. I would buy one of those!
What's your opinion on like watermelon/coral colours?
Or just tonal pieces?
Sorry i'm all excited coz i LOVE it. But I don't wear alot of yellow blue OR red. Haha.