Friday, October 24, 2008


Four shopping bags with the Natascha print and primary tulle details. I made the print on silk that is meant to be used for printing onto paper. I specifically got it and it felt a lot softer than the normal silk for fabric printing. However when I used it I found that it printed just fine on fabric. The silk for fabric is should be a lot looser to let the ink through, as fabric can absorb a lot of the excess, where as paper needs a tighter weave because the excess ink just goes sideways, making things look not so pretty. Anyway I am happy it works on fabric as it is perfect for the shopping bags.

This weekend I have the 125 year anniversary of my Primary School back in Gippsland. Gareth is taking over Rose Street for the last couple of hours which is very sweet and lovely of him and if you have any suggestions of thank you gifts please I am all ears. I am not sure how many people will be coming who I know from school as I only ever had 4 or 5 people in my grade because it was a tiny country school. I think at one stage we had a total of 22 pupils so it was probably smaller than most people's actual grade. My two favourite games in school were Round The Bush and Tyre Season.

Round The Bush was pretty simple, it involved a big thick bush and we ran around it playing chasey. We adapted it over time so the person looking was blindfolded and you could hide in the bush. I remember getting scratched to all get up while hiding right in the middle of the thing thinking I was so clever because nobody would ever find me, yet I probably still have the scars from it.

Tyre season involved a large number of tyres the school had, which seems normal to me, but I image sound weird to anyone else. I managed to get the 10/10 truck tyre in Grade 4 when my cousin Greg left the year before and was mighty chuffed with myself as it was really the Rolls Royce of the tyres. I'm not sure what we did to occupy our recess and lunch other than race tyres and roll over them. I remember one time trying to roll over the top of a tractor tyre down a hill only to fall off half way through. Thinking back to what I did I am surprised I didn't have a cast on my arms or legs from 1985-1991. Hopefully I will have a few pictures after the weekend, the one above is me in grade 1. My friend Aisha thinks I look like a little boy and my over sized fringe probably falls into mullet territory.


Ali said...

aww, I also went to a small school that turned 125 this year! and we had tires in the playground, too. you would stand up straight with your feet in the middle of the biggest tire and then everyone else would stack them up around you so you were eventually standing in a big tall column of tires. then you had to climb out. pretty dangerous actually. especially since there were always snakes hanging out in the tires in summer!

Kate said...

I had none of that growing up.
Tyres with snakes in the playground?! With my snake phobia it would have terrified me going to school.
We played conkers or British Bulldog, which usually ended up in an afternoon off in casualty with a black eye or broken nose.
As for your haircut, looks like the same one I've got now. Dont mock.

veronica darling said...

Hey Anna!

I tagged you darling!

I'm always hard pressed to find people to tag!!! Sozza!