Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I went along to Brown Owls last night and got to learn all about fabric stamping. I had a go at it once before but wasn't very impressed with my results. This time with some good instructions it seemed to work better. The thing I was most impressed with was Kirsty's ingenious use of a CD case as the backing for the foam because it means you don't have any problems with registration.

I ended up doing a pretty basic pattern, just lots of rectangles repeated over and over.
I made part of the fabric into a little clutch today. The fabric we had was my favourite type of dual weave and I used a green colour for my ink. I made my colour up for the calico bag not for this fabric, but in the end I like the colours being quite similar.

The ladies at Brown Owls are very clever and the whole environment is great. Last time I went I had such a ball and it is nice to meet other people and make things at the same time. There is some pictures from last night over at Flickr and the designs everyone else came up with were really beautiful.

How cute are these little pins? I was looking at Hollie's resin jewellery at Rose Street and said how kittens would be a good addition. Anyway look what she has made up two days later. Very clever! Plus I also got to watch some Sarah Silverman courtesy of Hollie last night although she did give me a funny look when I said she was in an episode of Star Trek. Check out her super smart kitten Macey hiding from the rain.


katiecrackernuts said...

The printed fabric looks great. I did spy that pattern block on the Brown Owls picture panel, or was that Pip's site. Can't recall. The colours are fantastic together.

Kirsty said...

Wow...you're fast! How lovely that clutch looks. It was a fun night.

paintergirl said...

good stuff - looks so rad made up as a clutch! nice work lady.

hokey said...

I LOVE your print, much better than my crusty mess. Glad you like the slides, do you mind if I use that image?

handmade romance said...

Hello...we didnt meet at Brown Owls last night but I was there too! I was very impressed with your pattern when it was just lying flat...now I am super impressed - awesome clutch!! Oh and I love the felt brooch girls you make :)

Pip said...

I love the stamped fabric - I like the fact that there isn't a lot of contrast in the colours.

I wish I still lived in Melbourne so that I could be a brown owl!