Monday, July 21, 2008


A month or so back Greta from Food For Your Skin started selling her body products at Rose Street and since then I've been pretty smitten with her stuff. My favourite soap so far is the orange bar, but the one I have at the moment has a loofah inside it which is pretty clever.

I also have the
face scrub which is pretty amazing. I think it is the combo of lemon myrtle and almond meal that makes it smell so good and I have considered eating some a few times because of this. Greta is at Rose Street on Saturdays and the St. Kilda Esplanade Market on Sunday and a new Etsy shop is in the works. The soap is really affordable and lasts for ages and makes your skin feel a million times better than anything I've ever used.

Another Rose Street favourite is Dan McGill, and I got one of his lovely swallow pendants last week. He also has fighter plane earrings which look lovely (Hollie from Hokey had some on on Saturday and they looked super cute) and some Sea Urchin inspired jewellery that is stunning. Like Greta, Dan is at Rose Street on Saturday and the St. Kilda Esplanade Market on Sunday so pop by and say hello if you're at either.

I've been trying to make little bags as a sample for a few months now but was never happy with the results. They didn't look as finished due to the small size as it was tricky to sew it nice and neat. I had a brainwave the other day on how to sew them up and now I'm happy with the results and will be making a few more today to send out.


R. said...

Hiya Anna Laura, auxocrome here. Just letting you know it was nice to meet you on Saturday, and that although I had trouble choosing Georgette, I'm now completely enamoured by her! AND I was wearing her on my coat on Sunday, when a girl from the Melbourne Street Fashion site asked me for my photo! I made sure to mention you when writing out what I was wearing. So hopefully we three will feature on there soon :)

katiecrackernuts said...

What lovely finds and even better that you've been able to meet the maker, and meet your buyers too.

Always Amy said...

Hi there,

I'm just stopping by to ask a quick question. :) I was contacted by Chica magazine & they want to feature my VW earrings. I wondered, did it help your sales to be featured? Did you get a boost or did anyone let you know they found you that way?

I was just curious cause I saw your entry about being featured. I'm very excited but I'd like to get an idea for what to expect.

Thanks for your time.

Amy said...

oh good i am glad you liked it! again i am so so so sorry it was so late! and i have that neckace too & i love it.

littlebird said...

i am big fan of hand made soap so will keep an eye out for that etsy shop opening soon, i assume it might be under the name" food for skin"?

mizu designs said...

Hi I saw your lovely stall at Rose St last weekend and wanted to say hi but couldn't find you :( Never mind, another time. Your stall looked so bright and cheery on such a grey winter's day.