Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pink and Red

Little Burnice above has some red stitching on pink hair. Not a colour combination I had ever used with the badge ladies before, but now wonder why that might be the case because it looks good. I've been stitching away little ladies with some lovely big hairstyles and finally got round to seeing the original Hairspray. I saw the remake a month or so back and the original came in the mail and would watch it again just for the big hairstyles. Gareth managed to watch it all without complaint and I had no idea Ricki Lake was in it. Gareth read that she had to eat lots of food during the filming because she started "rapidly losing weight" from all the dancing.

3 comments: said...

pink and red is my a great colour combo and how good is the orginal hairspray!that & labryinth were my faves when i was little...which might explain my love for pink & red. have fun at the markets this weekend!

Lily said...
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Betty Jo said...

I love pink and red together, and blue and green and all those other w
"wrong" combinations.... Burnice is quite a stunner!