Monday, July 07, 2008

Design Demystified: Inspiration Uncovered

Melbourne nternation Design Festival Pop Up Event Anna Laura Betty Jo Sew Your Own Madz Has Runaway Kids In Berlin

Next week is the start of the Melbourne International Design Festival and I'm involved in one of the Pop Up Events running over the two weeks. Projecta 57 is based on Victoria Street, North Melbourne where the 57 tram line runs. Our project is at Kids in Berlin and will feature a window display inspired by our studios and work spaces and a photography exhibition by Matt Solomon.

The three other artists involved are
Betty Jo, Sew Your Own and Madz has Runaway. We will each have a meet the designer day where you can come into the shop and see us working on our products. If you have not been to Kids In Berlin before this is a good chance, it is a great shop that supports lots of local designers and is full of amazing products.


Jason said...

Man, I really envy that you are participating in that! Well, when I get back to Melbourne, I'll be able to do it too.

boxofglory said...

Oh, wow. Sounds exciting. I love Kids In Berlin. Haven't been there for a while though... If I'm not doing anything that day I'll pop past and say hi and check out the crafty goodies :D said...

how exciting! and i am so so sorry i haven't sent your pack yet, i left it to be sent while i was away and it didn't get dropped off. but i will post it for you tomorrow xx

.girl ferment. said...

Looks great. Wish my town has an active arts/craft scene.