Thursday, June 12, 2008


After spotting Lucian Matis wearing a skinny/wide fabric scarf on Project Runway: Canada last December I decided to make myself one. His was skinny in the middle then came out wider at the bottom and I used some soft white linen with a white screenprint on it to make mine. When I showed Gareth we laughed at how it looked because when I wore it I looked a bit like some kind of religious leader and I didn't make anymore.

Anyway since it is winter I have decided that the scarf should be worn and it has quickly become my favourite item of clothing and I don't feel too holy in it. When I got the linen I don't remember it saying it had anything blended with it, but it is so soft and pure and with the pink backing it is quite girly.

Since then I've made a few more including some from beautiful silk I found a week or so ago and combined it with some prints on blue fabric. I've only made a few with bird prints so far but someone is already walking around Melbourne with one on since last Saturday at Rose Street, which is always a good sign.

Oh and if you're a Project Runway fan then I recommend trying to get your hands on the Canadian Version. It is just as good and the talent is very high. Just don't start googling too much as you will find out who wins and nobody likes show spoils, except Meringue. It almost killed me to tell her if Jim and Pam got together in The Office. It goes against everything I believe in.


Penny said...

The scarves look great! Which religion would you lead?

littlebird said...

Oooh i'd like the thought of someone wandering around with one of my creations on... except that i make linoprints so it would look kinda silly but you know what i mean, doncha?

CurlyPops said...

I hate spoilers too...luckily there's not long to go on the current series of PR and so far so good, no-one has told me who wins!

Kara said...

These are beautiful and hope Rose St is working out for you! I have been madly making scarves for the Winter Magic festival here in the Blue Mountains but can't decided on a scarf for ME!!! It's ridiculous!

Have a lovely weekend...x

veronica darling said...

How does one get their hands on a Canadian series of PR??? xoxoxo

Stacey said...

I think your scarves are beautiful and don't look at all religious leaderish, your holiness.

Anonymous said...

The blue scarf with the birds is so lovely. Your print turned out really well.

Anonymous said...



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