Saturday, May 24, 2008


Little Queenie is over on Etsy. She has a pretty name and pretty blue eyes.

I was tagged recently by An Artful Mess so I thought I would write some random facts. There is only three, but I have pictures, so it makes up for the missing 5 facts.

1. Stacey from Sheep's Clothing blog post from last week happened to me today, although not at Ikea. I was also wearing one of Stacey's crochet hair ties as well, the one hair tie I've been able to keep for over a year without losing.

2. Gareth and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary a few days ago. By celebrated I mean forgot it completely. I think I inherited my fathers romantic side, who knows what happened to Gareth. This is us in the early days in 2002 when I lived in West Brunswick and worked in a call centre. Oh the fun.

3. In my last year of Uni I spent about 8 days in the NSW arid zone with the School of Environmental Science as an artist in residence. We were basically there to document the trip and had an exhibition afterwards. The thing that interested me the most was the bushes and shrubs, although only a meter or so high, they had a root system that went down about 50 meters. That ended up being a large focus for my work and the artwork shown here is called Nanya Roots. The picture isn't that great and although my digital camera was about $400, it was from 2001 and a 1 mexapixel shoebox.


Bridget Farmer said...

congrats on the 6 years! i like the image of the huge root system! see you tuesday for more drawing!

.girl ferment. said...

cute photo. happy 6 years, i just celebrated my 6 too but we were a bit vague about what date it actually was.

greenolive said...

very edgy and urban with the short hair! And I love the artwork too.

Jorja said...

you look lovely with short hair!