Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Boys Called Gareth

I found this today and it made me laugh a fair bit. Men called Gareth are always the special ones. Below is a drawing I did while restarting my computer for the 15th time today. The internet decided to go a little crazy and not work and as I'm addicted I was breaking out in hives within about five minutes. I ended up using the laptop as it was my computer that need the slap (not the modem or ISP), but I hate using other computers as nothing is where I want it. Anyway it is working again thanks to none other than G Man himself. Total star.

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Emmarose said...

I like this face... is it coloured digitally, or with paint? LUV it. I really like you Mum's day article on Madeit blog too. Can't wait to show my Mum! She will sping out that she is on the internet! I am going through a 'define yourself' stage at the moment.... planning to change blog etc. Send me a comment and tell me what you think of my new header!