Monday, April 21, 2008

New Personalities


I spent some time on Saturday coming up with some new badge descriptions for the ladies. Henrietta isn't a new one, I came up with that one once before, inspired by someone I know. Speaking of reality television we have, after three whole months, finally got "normal" television. The house we shifted into had no aerial and the real estate advised us to get rabbits ears or pay for half the aerial installation.

We didn't do either and were not that bothered as we had plenty of other shows to watch on DVD. I think if I went back in time to December or early January and told myself that no television will result in me liking Star Trek I might have done something about it, but that would be going against the temporal prime directive. (I just felt the past me kicking me for mentioning such dorky things in my blog).

The Screened exhibition at Bamakko was great, although I didn't stay for long due to going to the worst football match ever. I got to see Bianca and Lara and also meet Kylie from Mizu Designs and the see some new works and smell some nice coffee.


Bridget Farmer said...

Oh Anna! I understand about the star treck thing. Jeremy comes home for lunch everyday and we sit down and watch Star Gate Atlantis on his computer. I've got rather addicted and quite fancy Ronan. Both the program and the man not my type three months ago!

Emmarose said...

Hehe, I did try and warn you about Trek! Deep Space Nine is actually a fun series of Star Trek, lot's more weird Alien races.... But I digress, I am wondering if you have had trouble getting in to the Madeit forum lately, I think it's down, but was double checking it wasn't just me?!?!?

diana said...

I had bunny ears for years and only visitors had problems with the fuzzy reception. We always had to angle the ears at the poke in the eye level. However, having moved and now have great reception, what the hell was I thinking?

Mia Nagtegaal said...

I don't get to watch much television lately. I do visit my friends a lot... My friends are more interesting than any television program.