Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mother's Day Cards

I thought I might make a set of Mother's Day Cards similar to the Valentine's Day Cards I made in February. I've been writing a few ideas down and made some of them up last night. I thought they would make a nice alternative to the usual floral arrangements. I got some help from Gareth, he reworded the "Thanks For The Lift" card as my original idea was a little bit dull. I've listed that one up on Etsy and I will also put them up on MadeIt and Etsy over the next few days as well as taking them to Rose Street.


greenolive said...

what a great idea - an much better than the floral options! said...

oh thanks, grad was awesome! and i love that cake you pressie was having footloose played at the pub.mmm. these cards are great too,says it all!

Therese said...

These are so cute! The Thanks for the Lift one is my favourite. I'm sure lots of mum's will be happy to get one of these instead of those boring old floral cards!

Mia Nagtegaal said...

I love all of the cards.
They are so cute, sweet and original.
They make me heart melt

Cicada Studio said...

Aw, very great indeed! I'm thinking top right for my mom... she's a great cook.

Shelley Kommers said...

i just stumbled upon these cards, and i think the "you are my hero" image would be fantastic on a t-shirt!
*i would buy one.