Monday, March 17, 2008

New Pouches

Dual Pouch

This is a new pouch available on Made It. I've been looking through the website and there is so many new sellers I have not seen before making beautiful and amazing things. Made It also has a great forum so if you are interested in Independent Design in Australia is a great place for discussion.

Green Pouch

This green pouch is available on Etsy. The design is a simple floral design, handcut from paper. I made the image wrap around this pouch so part of the design is on the back. It isn't something I normally do unless I specifically design it that way. The back part is the stems of the flowers, so looks quite abstract.


Emmarose said...

Do you use waxy paper when making a stencil for screen printing? I haven't done screen prints before, but would love to have a go.... Maybe if this T-shirt comp idea gets off the ground on Madeit?!?

.girl ferment. said...

gorgeous pouches.

T said...

Beautiful pouches and a beautiful blog - so glad to have found you!!

Shannon said...

Very cute pouches! :)