Friday, March 07, 2008

Fresh and Local

This is the birthday card given to me by Gareth just after midnight last night bearing our favourite Gordon Ramsay phrase. The "fresh and local" ingredient is paper from my Kristen Doran notepad I got at Meet Me At Mikes.

Speaking of Meet Me At Mikes, tomorrow all the hearts go on sale for the Mirabel Foundation, so if you're near the corner of Brunswick Street and Gertrude Street pop in and buy one. They are only $10 and you can give one to your sweetheart and know it is supporting a great cause!


greenolive said...

That is so GR, and he said that in last night's episode, except if was a single dish made from fresh and local ingredients - Lancashire Hot Pot to be precise.

alixandrrraaa said...

awww thats so lovely!

i love that you've been blogging lots its like getting mail when i come on and my rss thingi says i have unread blogs :)

Happy birthday!

CurlyPops said...

Even with all those wrinkles, Gordon is still sexy!