Friday, February 15, 2008

Rooftop Views

I had my last Rooftop Market today. The weather wasn't as hot as other ones and I managed to get some drawing done while looking at all the buildings. I love artworks with beautiful linework and when I look at all the lines of the buildings it becomes a bit overwhelming because there is so many amazing things to look at, particularly when you're looking down on them. This was one of the drawings I did. I plan to use them and then alter them using photoshop and create digital artworks from them.

I took some photographs from the roof and posted them on Flickr as well. They are all cropped from two larger images.

Oh and just quickly, to the lady who mentioned the RMIT library giving away free engineerings books, I went and got myself some booty. My bag was even heavier on the way home but it was worth it. Although the people around me must have thought I was strange because rather than look at the books I was just feeling the textures of the paper. Looks like heavy reading with lots of diagrams and formulas. I also have a feeling Basic Reinforced Concrete Design may not be that basic but the paper inside looks perfect for ink and the text has a lovely raised surface.

Tomorrow if you're in Fitzroy I will be at Rose Street Artist Market from 11-5. I'm debuting my abstract/bauhaus shopping bags. I made a new lot the other day using the same design but different fabrics. I will need to make sure I photograph them because the ones I took earlier were not that good.

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Lara said...

cool sketch! that'd make a great screen print :)