Thursday, February 14, 2008


I decided to try using my screenprinting to create some artwork. I had some paper I used for my Valentines Cards left over and thought it would be nice to use for some small prints. I spent some time drawing in my sketchbook trying to come up with a design I liked. I decided on two designs and cut them both out.

The first one didn't work out as well as I had hoped. It was a print of a man, but the actual stencil was really thin and it bled a little. When I drew it I thought the lines would be the ink part, but when I started to cut it, I was cutting everything but the lines. The screen I am using is designed for fabric printing, so often when I do print on paper it doesn't print as clean as more ink is coming out. This isn't always a bad thing though and I find little errors give you more to work with.

The second print was of a bird and some of the prints had extra ink on them. I used these in the design and added fineliner detail to the wings and branch. I also added a red breast, as the Grosbeak has a lovely red patch. There are four prints in total, plus some on fabric, which I will turn into pouches. The stencil was ruined once I took it off the screen because I took a while to get all the printing complete and it dried a bit. The first one is available on Etsy and I will be listing the other three in the next few days.




Michelle said...

Beautiful print!

I received my felt lady in the post, and she is beautiful! I'm wearing her with pride on my cardi today at work. Thank you again!

louis said...

nice picture how you manage this
i was realy schok