Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Printing Printing

I printed up a lot of fabric today and created two new designs. They are both really simple floral circle designs.

I have some really lovely purple fabric I got a while back but I've been a little afraid to use it as it is quite dark. Today I thought about mixing some purple ink and printing a light purple on it. As soon as I started mixing it I got worried it would not make a nice purple because I'm used to mixing school paint and the red and blue always made a horrid purple. I think it is due to yellow ink in the red paint making it a yuck brown mess rather than a perfect purple. The inks did okay though and I ended up with a purple I was happy with.

The printing process with this ink wasn't so great. I designed the print so it would be perfect for my wallets, but some bled a little. I can still use other areas of the prints, but it is a shame as I wont get as many of the wallets. But I liked the idea of the design and how it will work on the wallets so I will use the concept again. They look a little 70s I think.

Due to the white ink in the mix and the amount of prints I did with it, the stencil stuck to the screen and was ruined. This sometimes happens when I do a lot of printing and it is not fun peeling it off because it gets stuck under my nails and the sink clogs up with paper. I hate taking anything out of a sink when it is wet, even if it is just paper.

So now I am really tired and need to go to bed. I have a lot of sewing tomorrow because of all the printing I did!


Bridget Farmer said...

The purple printing looks great. you always seem to be so busy, i'm jealous of your busyness! my mum is here at the moment and i'm not getting any work done. anything i am getting done is to do with visa stuff. I'm onto the one week countdown!eeeek!

Net said...

the prints look great. The purple is a lovely colour.

Kara said...

Hey there,

I just did a horrible naughty thing and connected you to a chain "7 things you didn't know about me"... its on my blog and you are tagged to do it as well.



art4friends said...

oh my gosh im so embarrassed right now.

I KNEW there was someone else whos blog i found hilarious, it was yours!! now it looks like a cop out, but seriously, your little stories always make me smile!

thank you for your kindness..

:) :)

CurlyPops said...

I love that print. It's got a real retro look to it and that purple is a great colour.