Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blanch and Orlando Bloom


This is little Blanch. I'm not sure why, but whenever I make a badge with yellow hair the eyes and eyelashes always seem thicker and longer, like the thread is thicker. I'm not sure why but I'm wondering if Bridget Bardot has anything to do with it.

I was walking out of the supermarket today trying to find my mobile phone. I had just loaded up my bag (a large green Country Road bag from the early 90s) with groceries and it was stuck. I wondered if it was possible to ask a random stranger to call it so I could feel/hear which part of the bag it was in, as I couldn't be bothered burrowing.

I saw a guy who looked like Orlando Bloom and wondered what he would think if a strange lady asked him to do this. I thought maybe it was him and he was in Australia preparing for a film, I'm not sure which film, but this guy was drinking VB and wearing a pale blue version of a wife beater. The cheap ones with the really big arm holes that let you see more than you really want to. I didn't bother him and found my phone quite quickly which was lucky because my Mum had sent me this photo twice*.

* She has a new phone.


Bridget Farmer said...

i was always led to believe that i was named after bridget bardot, because my dad had quite a thing for her. it wasn't until i was about 16 that i found out it was actually my parents' first car that was named after her, and i was named after their car. all glamour suddenly disapeared.

art4friends said...

hehehe, i can just picture that, its even worse when it IS ringing, then it is IMPOSSIBLE to find it. lol

Penny said...

I like to think Orlando is not a VB & wifebeaters with too big armholes type of guy. I think he would still drink beer but maybe something a bit classier, like an imported German beer.

Stacey said...

Perhaps Orlando was getting in character. Wayne Carey - the movie perhaps?
I hate singlet tops with a passion. Male under arm hair offends me greatly - way too much information.

Chalk and Cheese said...

Adorable anecdote. Especially the bit with the*-my mum used to send me messages twice too. How was the Etsy meet???

Birell said...

I think Orlando is dating a Aussie Model so he might be in Australia, but he is apparently smelly so I don't know how long it will last. That probably makes him fit in with the VB crowd in their loose singlets.

Penny said...

So maybe it was Orlando!

Once my mum sent me a message 5 times - it was her first ever message though so it's all good.