Monday, February 11, 2008

High Waste

I'm going to go and sew some badges and watch a film in a moment. I've been watching films that I have seen before while I sew the badges. Last week I saw Romancing the Stone and The Truman Show. At the moment Gareth is watching Star Trek and I don't like that show much. Our television aerial isn't working and although it has been three weeks without "normal" television, I have not missed it too much. I don't even know what the new shows are at the moment.

I did catch up with Project Runway and Lost the other night so I am not totally without and I'm feeling the need for a dose of Gordon Ramsey very soon. I need to hear some mindless swearing as I'm no longer around teenagers thus not getting my daily quota.

The image here is a crop of a larger artwork. I liked this area of the drawing and the line work so cropped it pretty much as soon as I had scanned it.


Bridget Farmer said...

I've lived many many years without a telly and it is strange how little you miss it. we have one at the moment because we're looking after a friends but we mainly use it only for dvds. I did watch 'who do you think you are?' the other night about famous australians finding out their ancestry (although i never have a clue who the famous australians are, being not from round here!)it was really interesting.
I'm hooked to BBC Radio 4. I listen to it on the internet. it's all full of history and factual programmes as well as comedy and stories. great for listening to while working. I used to listen to it all the time whe i lived in edinburgh, probably because we didn't have a telly.

g said...

I love watching Gordon Ramsay's show about how he exposes crappy chefs and turns the restaurant around. We use to have foxtel and I really miss the Lifestyle shows.