Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Cuter Ones

I've just finished off a new batch of ladies last night and today I photographed them to put online. I was looking at each one and as always some stand out as the cutest ones of the bunch. These two were my favourites, particularly the bottom one. The expression on some of their faces is quite funny.

In this group I have one that looks like her seduction level is set to 11, one that look like she is thinking of a bitchy come back line, one that looks high, one that looks a little angry and one that looks stunned. My favourites are always the ones that look a little bit venerable, like they are thinking about what would happen if their puppy ran away.

come on


art4friends said...

hehe sooo lovely. i love your personal connection to your work. its beautiful.

p.s. i did the tagging thing! i think i went a bit over board hahahahaha


Emmarose said...

These ladies are great - still bummed I didn't win your comp in Jan! Have you ever thought about starting a badge swap, like the one on Madeit?

art4friends said...

haha thanks
i think it was more of a personal vent... being home on the computer all day can be very lonely! :D

Net said...

They are brilliant!

Sabrina said...

love the gravity-defying ponytail on the last one, it's so much fun to see these progress.