Friday, January 25, 2008

Winners, Grinner and Home Cooked Dinners

Okay, first thing is first. Last night I read out my romance stories to see who Gareth would select to win the Valentines Day Card. It was hard work, I had to read them out a few times and he was very considered in his selection.

In the end he decided
Alex Kate and her Lano and Woodley book was the most romantic, although he was impressed with Chalk and Cheese and her story involving Mt. Kilimanjaro and I was impressed with Curlypop getting a sewing machine. I also want to note that Bridbird made me laugh, and I am happy to know that people are still taking the Mandolin and Yarra Boat rides seriously. May I suggest the Tram Restaurant for a lovely meal, plus it is all you can drink, so take advantage of that.

Here is another studio shot, it is upside down wonky because I took it lying on the floor. It is coming along but I'm finding the decision of where to put something a hard one. I'm often changing my mind and moving things. You can see some of my fabric put away, then the giant box of scraps of fabric waiting for a home.


High Desert Diva said...

always interesting to see something upside down!

alixandrrraaa said...

oooo im excited!!! :)
you have such lovely things!