Friday, January 18, 2008

Romance Is In The Air

I have decided to have a little competition on my blog, I came up with the idea on the way home on the train today and I thought I might put it in place so when I'm all settled into the new house on Monday, I can select a winner.

I made a group of Valentines Cards yesterday and I'm going to give away the one below. I will send it anywhere in the world and I will even send it to your secret lover or not so secret lover if you want.

To enter, you need to leave a comment describing something romantic you have done for another person or something someone has done for you. You can enter more than once (as long as it is a different story) because Gareth will be selecting the answers. Your comment needs to have some way of me contacting you, so if it is anonymous, I wont be able to select you.

I would like to announce the winners Friday, but keep in mind we are at the mercy of our Internet company due to shifting tomorrow, but I will work hard to get it done by then.

To give you an idea on what kind of guy Gareth is, here are some facts about him:

  • He likes saying "dong" in front of his mother in law.
  • Gareth went to KFC for one of his first dates with a girl called Leslie.
  • Gareth is wearing this t-shirt right now.
  • Gareth keeps coming up with rude facts about himself, despite the fact that I said no rude facts.
  • He recently dialed the emergency police line while trying to call the gas account relocated.

This is the face Gareth will make listening to romance stories:

So razzle dazzle me with your stories of romance, I'm looking forward to reading them!


CurlyPops said...

A couple of years ago for our 13th anniversary, my boyfriend actually went into a sewing machine store and bought me my first sewing machine . I hold him responsible for getting me involved in all this craftiness! mscurlypops(at)gmail(dot)com

Chalk and Cheese said...

A really beautiful thing was when my man climbed Mt Kilimanjaro four years ago and wrote "I Love You" in the snow, at the summit. He showed me the photo upon his return. I cried!!!

alixandrrraaa said...

my boyfriend and i love the comedians lano and woodley so he made me a book of all my favourite quotes from "the goodbye" live show they did and he drew little pictures [some of them rude - but not too rude :)] to go with the quotes.

bridbird said...

i've decided the only way to get a bit of romance from jeremy is to pre order it. I have requested for our 2 year anniversary next thursday to be rowed down the river yarra while being sung a lovely beirut song accompanied by a mandolin. i don't know how he's going to do all three at the same time, but i'm looking forward to my romantic day. (he's sitting beside me as i type practicing his mandolin cords.)