Thursday, January 17, 2008

It Matters Because I Love You

oh, it matters!

I finally decided to make my Valentines Day cards. I get really funny about paper and things being perfect and I was trying to work out what type of paper I should use. I ended up finding a Reeves painting pad in A5 size and 300gsm, so it was perfect. The paper is lovely to work with because you can use the fineliner all over it and then wet it with a brush and it is just like watercolours. I got a few pads so I think I will do some little artworks with it as well. I made 8 cards tonight while Gareth watched a Horror Film. I didn't much feel like looking at blood. They all have lovey quotes on them and it was fun coming up with some of them, maybe there is some romance in my after all.

Okay a few things I need to remember to put in here:

1. Rooftop Market is tomorrow, 11am-3.30pm at Curtin House on Swanston Street (same building as Cookie)

2. Melbourne Etsy Meet is happening, even if you're not on Etsy but make things, even if you think about making things come along, the more people the better. We have planned a picnic so if you have kids you can bring them along as well.

The details are:
Date: Sunday 3rd Feb 2008
Time: 12.30pm onwards
Location: Treasury Gardens. Click HERE for a map.
RSVP: If you can drop by the Etsy Melbourne Forum to let us know you're going, or contact me that would be great.

3. Mix Tape Zine is having a launch party as part of the Festival of the Photocopier.

The details are:
Date: Friday 8th Feb 2008
Time: 5-7pm
Location: Sticky, Degraves Subway, Shop 10 Campbell Arcade, Melbourne

Oh and lastly, Gareth decided teenagers are okay after he was buying take away food and was 5c short. Two young boys gave him the money. So sweet!


Chalk and Cheese said...

Gorgeous card!!
I am hopefully coming to the meet in February. I just joined Etsy (I'm No 7).
I guess if you didn't deal with the teenage (adolescent) brain as much as we do as teachers on a daily basis, it's understandable that their attitudes and ideas can be misunderstood by most of the general public. Yeah, they do some pretty crazy things (esp.mob mentality stuff) but most are sweet and willing to help. After all, they are dealing with some pretty heavy hormonal issues!!!Good on Gareth!!

mixtapezine said...

thanks anna :)