Thursday, January 03, 2008

Helter Swelter

I Heart Shopping

Tomorrow I am going to have another stall at the Rooftop Market in Melbourne and it is going to be 35 degrees. I'm worried it is going to be super hot up on the roof despite having large umbrellas to cover up under. I notice that during market stalls, despite drinking a lot of water, I still seem to feel really dehydrated by the end. I'm hoping this doesn't happen tomorrow and plan on drinking a lot of water to compensate.

The bag above was made last week when I went through my yellow ink craze. It was over a year ago I purchased five 1 litre tubs of screenprinting ink and while my black and white is almost gone, I had not touched the yellow at all. This was a surprise because I love yellow and I have made quite a few yellow things. I'm hoping all this will change with the hot hot heat as it might inspire me to use it in my screenprints.

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