Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Too Hot To Handle

I have not got a treasury in so long that when I saw the lists on Etsy at 222 I was in shock at the thought of finally getting one. They are fun to do in terms of composition and colour and getting it to all look right. Anyway I nabbed one and I'm pretty happy with the results, so I thought, why let it die tomorrow evening, I might as well share the love around. I've linked up the image above so you can go to each of the items on Etsy, except Skinnylaminx because the item sold, so it takes you to a similar item. Enjoy the pretties on Etsy!


Penny Eager said...

That's a nice treasury!!

veronica darling said...

I love the camera print by estasketch!

did you watch the PR ep online??? I'm SOOOOO looking forward to it!

Anna Laura said...

Yeah, Esta has some stunning stuff. I am a big fan!