Thursday, November 22, 2007

Report Writing Dag

I was recently tagged by Hollabee so thought I would add the dag into the title as it is dutch for day. I kind of like the translation because of the meaning it has in English.

Here are the rules:
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1. In 1998 I lived in Belgium for a year as an AFS exchange student and before I left I would often write of instead of or. I don't know why I made this mistake, but when I got to Belgium I discovered of meant or. So when I make the mistake now I just blame Belgium.

2. I sell my badges in a shop called Little Salon on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy Melbourne. In 2003 when I was working in a call centre I would go past the shop each day on the tram and think to myself that I should be making things to sell in that shop rather than telling people that if they didn't pay their phone bill it would be cut off and I had no power to stop it from happening. I often told myself I wasn't good enough to do it. I wish I could tell myself that one day it would happen.

3. I have 13 more days of work until I finish teaching. I decided in August to leave my job and try and make money from my art. It is a risk I realised I could take as I have no children or mortgage and although I am nervous and scared I am looking forward to doing this.

4. Tonight Gareth and I celebrated our 5.5 year anniversary. We didn't do anything big, as it is only a half anniversary. I cooked a yummer dinner and we had some booze. We met on May 22nd 2002 at Club UK. $2 pints = total romance.

5. I used to play this game and at one stage was at the top of the points board.

I am going to tag My Charlie Girl, Ali J, Meringue, Bec from Madeit, and Edee!


Nina's Mama said...

Hi Anna,

I breezed in through Kirin Note (but I lurk in and out of here a lot too) and wanted to comment on your creativity post.... Then saw something that made me a little:( I have been admiring your work for awhile now and suspected you could be an art teacher and though the kids were lucky that you practised what you taught. (I know a few art teachers who do very little art outside of their job... Minority I know but I know very few who regularly make art for sale.) I was saddened to read that the system is losing another bright young enthusiastic teacher. People's attitude to art, textiles and languages in this country is truly abismal. Unfortunately art teachers are not the only teachers who have to battle negative parental attitudes, languages also suffers from that as well (yeap speaking from experience here). I guess that on the upside, there will be many more beautiful things that you create. Hmm one will have to save up the few pennies left over from the weekly budget for a purchase in the future. Good luck with the end of school year craziness.

Stacey (Sheeps Clothing) said...

Gee Anna, congratulations on taking the big plunge.
Your work is so pretty (I the colours on the little purse in this post) that I am sure it will work out for you.
Good luck!