Thursday, November 01, 2007

BOB in Bendigo

I now have a new stockist of Anna Laura products in Bendigo called Bob Boutique! When I was down a few weeks ago on a tourist trip with Gareth and his parents I found the shop and had a chat to the very friendly owner Sonia. There is some pretty amazing stuff in there and the shop looks amazing, so I'm quite proud that my bags and little ladies are surrounded by such amazing things. If you're in the area pop in and have a look, especially for the Mikiya Soap Cakes which are made by a lady in Geelong. They are the most beautiful soaps I have ever seen in my life.

Below is a new artwork in my Etsy shop. It is called Hover Erratic, but I'm now wishing I called it How Erotic after this sign on Rose Street in Fitzroy as that is what GreenOlive thought it was called!

Hover Erratic and a little bit of how erotic!

Something which I found annoying AND frustrating was someone nicking the sign at Meet Me At Mikes. I don't know what kind of fool would do something like that, but whenever I meet someone called Mike for the next few months I will eye them off suspiciously and ask what they did on Halloween.


greenolive said...

you know how i always ask you about the title and the story behind it? well if you changed the title on this one i wouldn't need to ask! I'm so excited S bought that artwork. I can honestly tell you it sold itself cause i didn't mention it to her again or even suggest she visit your shop!

Jason said...

your getting heaps of stocklists now! That's great. But where do you find the time to make everything! I am struggling to supply two stores.