Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Halfway Up The Building

It is funny the way you look at your work and imagine what other people will think of it. I quite often make something and think it will be really popular, only to find I get no response to it then make something which I almost don't do anything with and find people really like it.

This artwork, which is now in my
Etsy shop, almost ended up under a pile of heavy object in my studio. Everything is on a rotation in the room due to the bed being used for its intended purpose at the moment so available space is limited.

I was looking forward to using the shapes left over from screenprinting the cityscape, particularly the blue building, but I started the artwork off slowly and left it for a few days before returning to it. Often this works well when you look at it with fresh eyes and the final square of denim really tied the whole thing together, as well as the curved orange line.

Halfway Up The Building

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greenolive said...

its funny that, isn't it? Stuff you love doesn't get comment, yet stuff you're ambivalent about is stuff people connect with. Always surprises me when this happens with my fickr photos.