Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Grant Me This

Only a week and a half until Rose Street and I have not even started to think about it yet, but I have the weekend free to sit and plan things out. I have an idea for promotional stuff which is quite exciting, but I will give out more information when it is heading down the hill towards finished rather than climbing up the hill. I have been stitching some little ladies and finishing off bags over the weekend to get prepared and I'm starting to get excited about spending a day with Meringue selling our wares in Fitzroy. If you're in the area come and say hello.

Down below is a new artwork in the Etsy shop. I seem to find that my best drawings are all the ones in the sketchbook or just on scraps of paper. It makes sense to me, I start a drawing on the good paper and keep thinking "don't stuff it up, it's the good paper" and with that going through my head the only thing I can do is stuff it up.

The lady in this drawing was one of those drawings which I did quickly and liked it, but didn't think the paper it was on was the best. I think the paper redeems itself when it is stitched onto thicker card, so it all works out in the end and I like the effect of the red stitching and the red ink lines in the body.

Grant Me This

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Shell said...

Yeah, nice - I like it too! I know what you mean about 'good' paper - I'm the same.

Good luck with all the preparations!