Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free Weekend

This weekend is a free weekend and the first in a long while. I got quite a bit done today, which often doesn't happen on the weekends as I spend time just wanting to relax after a week of school. Gareth made a new shelf for my studio so I had to move a few things about so it would all fit in, resulting in some clean up, as things were moved and had to be sorted out. I ended up with one huge bag of rubbish from all the clutter I found hidden under the ironing board.

Last night on my way home from school I dropped into the Fanny Gate Spotlight to pick up a couple of things that ended up being two full bags. One of the things I got was some cushions inserts as I have been planning on making cushion covers for a while now. I thought with the Rose Street market next weekend it would be a perfect time to test a few new ideas and get some face to face feedback. The two designs I created used prints I had waiting to be used up. The bottom one with the red, yellow and black was waiting for the perfect thing to be used in, and the pillow worked out really well with the design.


Lara said...

ooh nice work! they look lovely! esp love the subtlety of the print at the top - works really well. hope they sell well at the market :D

Penny Eager said...

the bottom cushion is fab anna, you should defo do some with your own screenprints. i love the brightness of it.

i used to make screens a bit, the emulsion is hard. do you keep a separate squeegee thingo just for emulsion? that's my only tip! it's not a very scientific one.

jodie nicholson said...

I love love love the 'natural' cushion cover!