Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Small Details

This is a close up of the new badge range I made recently. I incorporated tiny beads into the hair to add a touch of glamour the the ladies. This one had lots of beads and I liked the green/pink combination. I have noticed that doing fine stitch work creates havoc for my fingers. I know I should get a thimble, but I think I have about 4 fingers I need them for. My left index finger takes a lot of hits and my nail is all scratched up from the needle. On my right hand I sometimes have needles which need a lot of pushing to get through the felt and interfacing. This ends up putting a lot of pressure on my nail and sometimes I worry it will give way and I will have a nasty mishap. Then there is the accidental "stabs" which can sometimes hurt for a few days. However when you get a row of perfect stitches, all the right size and length it makes up for it.


greenolive said...

Loving the green. The pain we suffer for our art/craft!

esta sketch said...

the beads look great! i'm amazed at how much detail you can fit into a piece of felt.

also i wanted to say that i *love* the new banner? (is it new?) it's adorable anyway :D