Sunday, July 15, 2007

Primary Nightmare: Version Two

I have done a redesign of a bag I made last year. I checked my blog and turns out I made it as far back as September 2006. I thought I made it much later in the year. I used the basics of the design and reworked it a little. It isn't as busy as the first one and this time I made sure I have the combination of red lining and blue strap. I ended up keeping on of the 5 bags I made last year because I twisted the strap and it has the same combination and I loved the part of the bag where the strap meets the bag with the three colours together. It is available on and you can click the bag to go straight to the listing.

aaah ghosts!


veronica darling said...

Hey! Made It is looking cool! I saw your post on the DUST email group (I signed up after only finding the forums on etsy last week! Hee Hee!) and checked it out right away!

Your things are looking sweet as with everyone's online there - well done!


Steph said...

Hey clever craft lady! Just wanted to leave a comment on your lovely blog & say hi! (Because mail and comments are always fun) I love this new craft community I have found as a result of buying some stuff in mike's a few weeks ago. I think I will join in one of their stitching nights and learn how to embroider. Anyway, hope the other world of work is good for you today!