Wednesday, July 04, 2007

365 days

Today is my one year anniversary on Etsy. I didn't do anything to celebrate but it is nice to look back on the year and realise I did something worthwhile rather than watching bad television and thinking about how I should be doing something. This little fellow below is Evil Boy, one of the first items I listed on Etsy. My lovely friend Peter purchased Evilboy and I hope he is treating him well. Evil boy was also one of the first (decent) badges I made. The first few were not very good.

I have been making lots of new felt ladies. I love making new hairstyles for the ladies, even after a year they still have a different look to them.

Melbourne Etsy people, I'm thinking we should have a meet up, inspired by the Sydney meet. I have posted on the DUST yahoo page and in the Etsy forums. It would be great to meet everyone and look at the stuff people make and swap cards and stories.


Penny & Cinnamon Moon said...

Hey AnnaLaura! Yesterday was my Etsy-versary as well! Let's celebrate. Cheers! Penny :)

Lara said...

Hey congrats on the 1 year! And I totally agree on the Etsy meetup idea - that'd be heaps of fun.

Julie said...

Happy etsyversary to you :) (hope I spelt that non exsistent word right!)
I reckon a melbourne get together would be fab-o though depends when it is if I can make it... living in Warragul ya know ;)
I love evilboy, he is rad.

greenolive said...

congrats on reaching the first year milestone. As an old-timer then, do you have any words of wisdom for those who are about to dip their toes in?

laura mitchell. said...

saw that you're featured in your creations!


Sheeps Clothing said...

Hi there Anna
Congrats on your anniversary.
Love the idea of an etsy meet up. I've been following it via DUST and really hope it comes off.