Saturday, June 30, 2007

One Year On

It has almost been one year since I started my Etsy shop. It was around the second week of my winter break that I started selling online. It almost ended up being ebay, until I found Etsy in a google search. Today I started my holidays and was finally able to take some photos of products I have made due to being home when there is some sun in the sky.

This is a new style of bag I made with pleats. It has five buttons on each side that I purchased on ebay a few weeks back. The fabric is a lovely printed cotton. It is available in my Etsy shop.

New bag - On Etsy!

In my previous post I had a picture of my ping pong t-shirt. The girl who won ran up to me and said she loved it and her friend said that I should sell them. I told them I was planning on it and I think they were quite excited.


Anonymous said...

hey anna i want this bag pity u sold it already!!!


annalaura said...

I'll keep it in mind for Christmas (assuming you belong to Nicky!)