Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Style

I've had a busy week this week although I've been a little slow with the blog updates.

On Thursday night I went to a very informative craft business talk run by Nikki-Shell and her accountant and friend, Mary. I have since been sorting out my finances on e-record (from the ATO website) and I wish I had it 12 months ago! I know now what I need to do for next year in terms of keeping my business in order. I am usually okay at keeping records, but sometimes get slack and then have to fix up all the backlog.

On Friday night I took some badges and coin purses to a new bookshop on Sydney Road called Brunswick Bound. The address is 361 Sydney Road, Brunswick and it is on the same side of the road as Spotlight and quite close to Scavengers and Art China. The shops looks great and they have the most interesting counter made from lots of old books.

After I was finished sorting out all my end of year finances I made a new bag. I was going to finish the other tote I made, but left the iron on it and burnt it. I decided to stop looking at it because it made me so sad, although I think there is probably an area I can recover for something smaller.

I created another bag with a new design. This one has buttons and applique and is a smaller than my totes but bigger than my pouches. It also has a press stud and pocket inside. The photo doesn't show the colour too well because it was dark when I took it, but it is a lovely bag and I am quite proud. I think I will make a few more like it. I got a nice stash of buttons from Ebay recently, although the ones on this bag are from my local op-shop. Hopefully I will list it on Etsy during the week, although light and finishing work will dictate this.


Sheeps Clothing said...

Hey cute bag!
I really wanted to go to the Nikki-Shell thing, but my husband was away (earning money to prop up Sheeps Clothing) so it would have meant getting the babysitters in, and.... well, it all got a bit too hard! Would have loved to meet you in the flesh. Perhaps next time.

msbelle said...

I really like this bag!!