Saturday, May 12, 2007

howlin doggie

I found a new Australian Etsy seller via Flickr during the week. Howling Doggie makes handmade jewellery including rings, armbelts, cuffs and earrings. This leaf pendant caught my eye due to the simple cut out design.

Check out her blog, Mettle Design Studio and her Etsy shop.

Leaf Pendant by Howlin Doggie

I have also updated my shop with a new dual fabric wallet in denim and Japanese Cotton. I have started using new press studs which I don't need to stitch in. It's much easier and they look a lot better, athough I did like the button on the outside of the wallets.

Available on Etsy

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mettle design studio said...

thank you for the exposure on your blog. you make wonderful things. i will definitely drop in to your etsy shop as there are some things i want!