Monday, May 21, 2007

Bright Stuff

This is one of the wallets I made on the weekend with my new machine. I am not sure where I got the fabric, I think it was from a stash my Nanna saved me from the Op-Shop she works in. It looks like fabric from the sixties or seventies although it is hard to tell when it was made. All I know is I never remember buying it. It works well with the denim because it is so bright it needs something to dull it down a bit, you know what I mean when you open it because I used it for the lining and it really stands out when you are faced with even more of it. It is currently available in my Etsy shop.

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veronica darling said...

Hi there - Great material lovey!

We are all doing a Twin Peaks marathon soon - we're going to the Blue Mountains and all getting warm and cosy and watching the first series! My husband's never seen it - like dur!

When I lived with Amy we watched the whole thing 3 winters in a row! It is a very cosy scary cuddly up kind of show I reckon! Dale Cooper is so hot!