Sunday, March 25, 2007

Night Song

I have not updated my blog in a week due to a busy week marking work and writing reports. With that all over and holidays in a week I will be able to get back into making things. I made some new badges on the weekend, this time man badges. They are interesting to make because if I put red lips on them, they look very ladylike. Hopefully I will get some pictures for my next update.

I also made this artwork on the weekend. It was a screen print I did on a piece of sheet music that was then sliced up with my new guillotine I got from my brother and sister for my birthday. I used the sewing machine to place it onto the paper.

Original Artworks, available on Etsy


Shelly said...

Hi I really like your blog and was wondering if you would like to add it to my directory?

Thanks, Shelly

Jayson said...

You are so creative! I love it.