Saturday, March 31, 2007

Man Badges

After an exhausting two weeks I now have a two week break to spend on my art and my business. I finally had the time to put up pictures of the first two man badges I made. It is very hard to get the colouring correct so it doesn't look like a woman or look really angry.

This man I feel was the most sucessfull. I like the big beard, although it got a little thin on the right hand side. I need a good sharp pair of small scissors to cut the felt out without it looking like a big gash.

This guy is an example of when the man badges can look angry. I think it is because the stitching can end up quite angular that causes the problem. The black thread is also an issue because it looks too harsh, but I think that is because I make the eyebrows thicker.


hmc said...

Cool-O! Look at those sidies!!!!

Jayson said...

Cool. I prefer the second one