Monday, February 12, 2007

Old School

Gareth and I went out on Friday night and saw Spun Rivals at Revolver. We also got our photo taken in a little black and white photo booth on Chapel Street. I like it because it looks like we live in the late 60's, complete with big beards and pimpies.

I made some new items over the week. Making things and the shop has taken a major back seat since I started back at school, so my blogging has also suffered, but I am getting back into the swing of having both in my life and still watch Top Design. The host, Todd Oldham's voice is EXACTLY the same as Kenneth from 30 Rock. It kind of scares me and annoys me all at the same time. I am waiting for Top Artist. I hope that happens one day.

Here is a new item in my shop. A little coin purse with a print I did a while back with the acetate.

We Love Etsy!

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Zedd said...

Just stumbled across your blog...I think I have just found another to add to my growing list of faves! Lovely work! Awesome retro photo! Instant nostalgia!