Friday, January 05, 2007

Three Little Maids

My shop is well stocked with little felt ladies, although two went on a trip to Reno, NV.

I'm now getting ready for my stall at the Rose Street Artists' Market on Saturday 20th of January. If you're in Fitzroy come along and say hello!

Aisha, Alanna and Anastasia


Shell said...

More great felt ladies! They look great. Have fun stocking up for the markets!

Jayson said...

Hey Anna you have been busy. Helps to have holidays eh? I am on holidays too for a few weeks, so I'm taking the chance to get into art and making a hooded top. My TOTE blog is still up but I am no longer using it. Instead I am using everyday blog but with a name change.

Oh and good luck with the Market. You'll learn a lot. Ask your customers or lookers for lots of freedback. It will be valuable

hmc said...

I will try and make it there and say hello to you! I've always wanted to see the Rose St markets but haven't yet. Hope to see you there...

PS: Should I be looking for someone with a bright orange beehive? ;o)