Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Red Square

I did some more prints using white ink on red drill. This one is a simple overlapping sqaure pattern. This pouch ended up a little smaller than the other ones, but the size is still good for fitting in all the good stuff. The only problem I have with the white ink is it's sticky and ruins the stencils I make. I am going to have a look at making them from plastic rather than paper as maybe they will last longer.

Available on Etsy

I've listed a few more badges on Etsy, although a couple of them are on there way to Reno. The guy at the Post Office was quite impressed. The people at my local post office are lovely. I often read about surly postal workers, but our local one only has lovely, friendly people.


Cheeky Beaks said...

I'm very impressed you do your own screen printing. My attempts were not so great - more mess than print. Great to find another Aussie site with a passion for fabric design. I hand stitched the owl, nice thing to do to unwind at night.

Lara said...

love the pattern on this one! i really like the other red one you did too. very noice :)