Thursday, September 21, 2006


Quilting is the new black

I went to the op shop yesterday and found a small bit of batting and some lovely retro styled brown fabric. At the next op shop the woman asked me if I wanted a quilting book and I said no. Although I like the idea of quilting I don't know if I have the patience. All that seems funny to me now because this bag I made looks like quilting to me. I used the batting to line the bag, instead of interfacing. The dream idea in my head was a pillow soft bag perfect for laying your head on in the park. I even thought when I was making it that it might end up to be my favourite bag ever. I think the jury is still out, it is still growing on me, but the softness of the bag and the browns in the fabric really are lovely. Another thing I like about it is the red stitching on the white fabric for the strap; they look so pretty together. Have a look at my fantastic model, with not one but THREE images of him. Swell.


TOTE said...

Using batting instead of interfacing is great! It really gives the bag a whole different feel. I did the batting thing with one of my bags and it was nice to touch. Just like a pillow

Mollisher said...

This is such a beautiful bag!! It has a quilt feel to it, but it's very modern and clean looking.

I got a quilting magazine with my seweing machine, it's got some interesting projects like an alien quilt :D


Lara said...

Hey awesome bag - you should be super proud of that one. It's so unique and the colours are awesome.