Friday, July 07, 2006

Etsy Etsy Etsy

I've just started my own Etsy Shop and my holidays are almost over. I had a massive 3-week break, which has been really relaxing after a long 12-week term. I am really excited about Etsy and have seen some amazing things there. I have not bought anything yet but I think I have seen hundreds of things I want. I think I might try and buy something from someone who has not sold anything yet but there are some people who have sold a lot and I definitely want some of their stuff.

I am worried that when I get back to school I will be busy and tired and not do much stuff. Ideally I would like to do something each night rather than sit and watch television. I have a great room as a studio, although it is massively messy but thanks to Etsy I have got back in it again (and messed it right up).

At the moment I am enjoying screen-printing. A few years ago I made 4 aprons for my Mum, Grandma's and boyfriends mum for Christmas. They took ages as some of them had 4 colours and I hand cut the stencils myself and sewed the aprons. I have only ever screen printed something for a present for someone, never for myself. Hopefully this will change.

This is one of my recent screen prints I did for a bag on Etsy:

I was really happy with the print because I do them by hand they can be a bit hit and miss. I was a little confused when I drew the bird, as I didn't know what areas I was going to start cutting out. I then just cut part of it out and went on from there and it ended up working well. It was also good to discover that some of my really fine lines and holes printed neatly and didn't cause me any grief. I also like the colours. I think I might get some more cotton drill in a bright green as I have always had a fondness for those colours together.


Anonymous said...

You do wonderful work - just curious about the screen printing - do you use a gocco or something way more sophisticated?

annalaura said...

Hi Eugenia,

I use the silkscreen and cut the stencils out myself, so pretty unsophisticated really! I think in a later post there is a photo of the set up.