Saturday, July 15, 2006

and ode to fast internet

Our modem is broke and I am back to dial up. I was crossing my fingers the new modem would get here by the weekend, but it didn't.

In exciting news I sold one of my bags on
Etsy which was a surprise and made me very excited. Since going back to work I have not had as much time to make much and due to the slow internet I have not really wanted to upload as it takes ages.

I created a screen print which was different from what I normally do as it was abstract and strange with lots of different shapes coming from random images from my sketchbooks. The thing that really excited me about it was what happened to the paper stencil afterwards. Due to the ink and the fine lines in the paper it didn't dry flat, but the ink gave it a lot more strength. I stuck it up on a window to see what it would look like and it didn't really look that amazing. However when I woke up this morning the light shining on it made it look like I had originally hoped.

Here is the whole thing:

and here is a closer detail of some birds, which is my favourite part:

I printed it on one of my red totes and it looked really nice with the black print on the red and I should be putting it up on Etsy pretty soon.

I also received one of my Etsy purchased in the mail which was really exciting as I didn't think it would come so soon.

I got a small scarf, lip balm and a little pouch from Girls Can Tell and it was so brilliant. She included some cute earrings and a lovely note as well, which was so special. Of all the things I have bought online this was the best as it was so personal.

I have used some of the prints I did on the felt that I mentioned in the previous post.

and a patch on a denim wristlet:

Puffy felt brooches:

I am enjoying using the felt with the prints on it, but wished I had allowed more room between each one when I printed them.

Oh and check out this chicks stuff, it is so amazing and beautiful:

Emilie Clares Etsy Shop

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