Thursday, April 09, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

This is second clutch I've put up on Etsy, this one uses more of the burnt orange fabric and some lovely Japanese floral fabric from Amitie. I'm quite fond of this colour combination, the inside is a greyish blue fabric which looks good with the orange.

The artwork below came from a sudden Marie Antoinette inspiration. Although that only came about after I draw all the hair piled on her hair and it reminded me of her. The A5 print is available in the Able and Game Etsy shop and there is now a little collection of A5 prints available. If you like Able and Game cards you can become a fan on Facebook, or you can channel your early '90s cool and become a fan of The Fresh Prince.


Kara said...

Hey there,

I have sent you the challenge to come up with the 7 things you love most...

Hope you are doing fine and loving Melbourne!

Here is the link:


Holly said...

Oh I just love the fabric sold by Amitie! At the craft show I came back to their stall 4 times to buy more - so irresistable!